Reality Check

I sit and sip, in my mind tallying the worries, the “to do” list, upcoming events, jobs that need to be done, chores not yet done, family concerns, medical concerns. I mentally assess my woes and begin to feel sorry for myself. Then I have a reality check…

A friend calls – she has just lost her mother unexpectedly. What do I say? What can you say? Nothing will help, except just to be there for her… And I can’t! A whole desolate country lies between us. We chat for a few moments – we laugh, we cry, we reminisce and we cry again. We realise that we must say goodbye for now, and reluctantly end the call.

I stare at nothing and wade my way through the wash of emotions. How must she feel? How do I feel? How am I supposed to feel?… I begin to feel selfish.

What on earth was I complaining about?! I reassess my list… They are not “woes”. It is simply a list of things – some okay, some not so great, some really nothing at all… and, if I take action, some of those “woes” might actually turn around and become blessings. It is all a matter of perspective.

From the sadness of that phone call came a gratefulness I had not expected. Grateful for my life as it is, and grateful for the people in it.

I think of my friend, and wish for nothing more than to be sitting across the table from her with a cup of coffee in hand, musing over the life of a wonderful woman.

3 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. A beautiful piece Anna. Made me think of a dear friend who has just had to put her mum into a home. Fortunately, I escaped most of that difficult time with my aged parents. Blessings of remoteness. Happy St Nicholas Day. Kindness, Generosity and Love to all. 💖🦩

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