And The Days Go By…

I sneak away in the hope of a moment’s peace amongst the happy chaos of holidays and visitors. I need to gather my thoughts and muse a little… I’ve found it is good for the soul.

This morning is fine. The sky a pale clear blue brushed with light white wisps of cloud. The garden is lush, nourished with recent rain. Birds are chattering busily in the treetops. I love listening to Nature’s “white noise”.

I inhale the rich warm aroma of my coffee and feel the distillation of my thoughts begin…

My large black dog pads quietly to my side and drops onto my feet. A calm comforting presence. I breathe deeply.

Just as words begin bubbling to the surface, they are prematurely popped with the raspy mechanical rattling of a hedge trimmer followed by the shrill excited exclamations of the young boy shadowing his father as they clear away the new growth that has partially obscured my view of our garden. They know I love to be able to take in as much of our green space as possible.

My moment of musing is replaced with the appreciation of the noise and chaos that comes with a loving family.

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