Musing Over A Mimosa

I’m on holiday, so I’ve switched the coffee for a Mimosa! A few days escape and a change of scenery over the Easter break…

Today I am gazing out over blue water at low tide. The fresh salty breeze ripples the waveless bay as families fish from the clean white sand beach. A scruffy little dog leaps for a frisbee in the distance and the florescent rainbow of kite-surfers dart across the horizon offshore.

I feel the cobwebs of everyday life clearing and drifting away on the cool air. I so enjoy the luxury of thoughts – more like observations – fluttering through my mind… Fleeting mental commentary on others passing by, or more lingering deliberation about the lives of those who settle in to enjoy the foreshore as I am.

I suddenly find myself with a new friend – she is quite stout and groans a little with the effort as she settles down beside me. She seems easily distracted by the young children playing nearby and I can see she’d love to join them. The greying of her muzzle and the milkiness in her eyes give away her age, but the inner puppy prevails when a balls goes whizzing by!

I struggle to remember the hubbub that we left only two hours’ drive down the road, and that I know I must go back to in just a day’s time.

I choose to enjoy the moment. To allow life to happen. Isn’t that what a holiday – no matter how short or long – is all about?

What is your escape?

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