It is different this morning… The sky is a brilliant blue with just a sprinkle of iridescent white flecks of cloud. A light breeze dances through the tops of the tall gums. The sounds of cars and workmen have a slightly brittle ring to them this morning. I can hear a twitter here and there, but even the birds are huddling quietly for warmth. It is a chilly morning indeed!

It may not be snowing where I am right now, but you can definitely feel a flurry in the air. My jacket warms my back beneath the brilliant morning sunshine, but the tip of my nose and tops of my ears still feel the sting.

As I walk, the cerise and scarlet of the bougainvillea are startlingly vivid in the crisp morning air. The shiny white of the gumtree trunks is almost silvery as if with a sheen of ice. It is not quite cold enough for ice, but I definitely need the warmth of my morning coffee to infuse some life into my chilly limbs!

As I warm my hands around my mug, I inhale the aroma in anticipation of my first sip… Aaaahhhh

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