Focus on the Positive.

I’ll take an extra shot of sunshine with my coffee today!

The morning school-run is done. I am lucky enough to be out of lockdown and have a school-run to do!

The window is down, a fresh breeze ruffles my not-so-tidy morning hairstyle. The radio blasts out a beat while The DJs joke between themselves. It’s amazing how a good dose of sunshine and a little music can lift the spirits… In fact, for a moment they were soaring!

My thoughts were flooded with fond memories. Even one from my youngest childhood bubbled to the surface. A very special woman (Mrs Murphy), without warning, once pulled me to the side, looked deeply into my eyes and said “you are truly blessed“, and do you know what?… I believe she was right!

Even when life‘s road felt bumpy and the mountains ahead seemingly insurmountable, something – however random – reminded me to be grateful for what I already have.

Much later in life, thanks to my partner, I was given the gift of seeing Tony Robbins speak, and amongst all the wisdom he had to impart, one simple phrase spoke loudly to me… “What you focus on, you will move toward“… And that is so true! It is up to us whether we focus on the positive or negative, but think back and you will see it is so.

What will you focus on today?

2 thoughts on “Focus on the Positive.

  1. OMG Anna! “What you focus on, you will move toward “. What a little pearl. All day, every day, for far longer than is necessary or good for me, I watch the news. The State press conferences, the 12 o’clock news, Afternoon Briefing, the Drum, the Project, Q and A, and last but fore mostly, Insiders. It is my Church. I’m addicted, hopelessly. I admit it. I am enthralled with case numbers, hospitalisations, even deaths. It weighs heavily on me. Why do I do this? The NT is basically unscathed and our precious lifestyle pretty much in tact. I fret for my 19-year old daughter in Perth, waiting, waiting, waiting for her turn to be jabbed. May McGowan maintain WA’s iron curtain and keep my baby safe. When will this end? Ever?

    And then, there is the other matter that plagues me. Italy is burning, Turkey’s burning, Greece is burning, the Top end is burning. Floods, tempests, heatwaves, hurricanes. The polar bears have almost run out of ice, koalas have virtually had their habitat extinguished, Emperor penguins have their days numbered as their ice floats away.

    Don’t get me started on oceans empty of fish and full of plastic rubbish.

    So what should I focus on to move me forward? Beauty, art, nature, the beach, good coffee ☕️? I do my best 🌺🌻🌸🌼☺️🦩🥰


    1. I know Gillian, there is so much frightening news in the world right now, which is why it is so important to focus on what positives we can. It is positive that the Territory lifestyle is relatively still intact. It is positive that W.A. has a premier keeping your (OMG, I can’t believe she is already 19!) baby safe. It is so sad what is happening to both the humans, wildlife and environment of our world, but if we try to take that moment to appreciate the smallest of things to bolster our positivity, then we may be better able to make a difference – however small – to even just one of those humans, or some of the wildlife, or even our environment. Some positivity – both in our outlook and our action – is so much better than none at all. It’s okay to watch the news, as long as you glance out the window to that beautiful clear Top End sky every now and then to take a break from all that is negative. Take care, Gillian 😊


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