Return to Work – I Did it My Way!

This morning is decidedly cooler and the fresh breeze has already dried the leaves of the grass underfoot. The sky is a crystal clear blue, illuminated by a shining white orb, the sun. The surrounding colours are as vivid as the sun is bright. A hint of eucalypt scent still hangs in the morning air. A slow deep breath is like inhaling all that the new day has to offer… Hope, energy, health.

I have mused occasionally of my sometimes bumpy and not very clearly marked road on the return to work. After the surprising self discovery of rewriting my resume, and a couple of false starts, I have realised – especially during this pandemic – that life really does hang in the balance. That you need to pursue happiness and not settle for discontent. Some people are lucky enough to know their life’s purpose from an early age and have the confidence to pursue it – my partner being one of them. Others get but a glimmer of what our passion might be, and don’t always have the confidence to pursue it.

As you may have guessed, I’ve always loved to write, and only in recent years have had the courage to expose my soul… Even then, only with caution. My Morning Coffee Musings, and your response to it, has finally helped me realise my passion. I took a leap of faith, and a chance on the Airtasker app, to finally pursue it, and for the last couple of months I have been writing to earn money – not much, I admit… But it is a start, and “I did it my way 🎶”.

Putting Pen to Paper = Pursuing my Passion

6 thoughts on “Return to Work – I Did it My Way!

  1. Well done you, there is nothing better than making a living doing something you love. Would love to see some of what you have published, so don’t hide your light under a bushel, make sure you share your success.
    All the very best. Penni

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    1. Hi Gillian. I’m so sorry I missed replying to your comment… Not quite sure how that happened! Airtasker is actually an app for virtually any “odd job“. I used the keyword writing, and up popped a variety of options. Résumé and cover letter writing are very common tasks, but as you know, I like my “creative writing“. I have had such fun with Airtasker – writing speeches and poems, along with a little proofreading. I was lucky enough to score a job writing up articles from interviews of really interesting people in the over 50 age bracket… That has resulted in ongoing work which has been lots of fun. I also wrote a trial travel article for a travel company – “Salt and Charcoal“ – and now I write all their travel blog articles… Not particularly well paid, but heaps of fun!😊


      1. Good on you Anna. ❤️ That’s great. I’ve produced about 5 photobooks, including one for Amy for her Coming of Age, January 2020. She had a Glamour Photo Shoot on her 18th birthday which largely filled the pages. Along with our words, quotes and poetry. My next photobook project is 120pp, divided into 12 (months), favourite walks around Darwin accompanied with poetry, quotes and my writings. Deadline in two months. Got to get cracking. Excellent to share our endeavours. All the best, Gillian. 😁

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