Nothing like that first H I I T!

Not so long ago, I completed my first ever HIIT session, and wow!…

It was easy… Hard… Easy… Hard… Easy… Hard… Easy… Done!

I was surprised at how “easy” it was to achieve. I simply incorporated it into my regular morning walk. The first five minutes was at normal walking pace to warmup, then 10 seconds of running hard and 50 seconds back to walking pace. Repeat three times and finish my morning walk as usual – Job done!

How would I describe it? Great! With the regular “breaks“, I could still enjoy the sunny warmth of the morning, I could still inhale the heady scent of seasonal blooms as they sent out their almost-impossible-to-resist invitations to the bees. In fact, I could hear them buzzing in a chorus of delighted response.

How did I feel after my first HIIT?

Well, after I recovered from the muscles burning in my suddenly leaden legs, and the aching of my chest as I gasped for breath. As the sweat dampening my back started to evaporate, and my craving for a cool drink grew… I realised what I actually felt was elation!

I had a silly smile (at nobody in particular) on my face and thought – although this is only day one – my first HIIT was absolutely worth it! I can understand how some people get really addicted to their High Intensity Interval Training.

Day two… well that’s another story altogether! A funny/not so funny story which I might work up the courage to tell next time… ☕️😊

2 thoughts on “Nothing like that first H I I T!

  1. WELL DONE YOU! I can get as far as the park but then have to sit awhile before returning home! My sad spine will not support my legs! Such is life ! I have to say that sitting out front in the sunshine watching and feeding the birds and being at one with nature is very soothing to the soul and hence addictive It never ceases to amaze one on the number of different bird life we have right on our doorstep This estate is how all housing should be, building it right in order to attract the wild life such that they get a home as well. Sadly the council allows building on the boundary line and hence we squeeze out the wild life. So morning coffee is a hot brew and go sit in the sunshine for a while. Being a retiree we never get a day off or a public holiday! So this meditation time is so important in taking the time to smell the roses. Life is short.

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    1. I am a firm believer in stopping to smell the roses… Whether it be in the form of morning exercise, or simply sitting in the sunshine to soak it all in. It’s the little things in life that count!


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