Reality Check.

Grey skies cloud my coffee break…

A gloomy all enveloping blanket of grey greets my upward gaze. I recall the fleeting conversation I had earlier this morning, suddenly realising that it is symptomatic of the human condition to experience envy – to imagine that the “grass is always greener on the other side”… But is it?

Locally, we exclaim frustration about the seemingly endless drizzle dumped upon us by “La Niña“, while in the northerly, typically tropical region of our country someone else is complaining of their “El Nino“ weather pattern causing an unseasonal dry spell.

I wish for a little sunshine to get rid of the dampness, whereas only ‘a stone’s throw’ down the track, others are still cleaning silt from every nook and cranny of their flooded homes!… Reality check!

I enjoy the comfort of having my own space to live and thrive, while others struggle to eke out a living, or an endangered animal is hunted and killed in its own habitat… Reality check!

I can’t help my feelings, and it is my right to complain (without inflicting it upon others), but for those of us lucky enough to have time to pause and think – and I very much appreciate the fact that I am one of them – that another symptom of the human condition is compassion. A quality we should all practice a little more, because not far away, there is someone likely to very understandably and justifiably think our “grass is greener”.

So as I sip and muse today, I might wish for a shard of sunshine and hope for a glimmer of blue, but I will also pause to be thankful for the people I have in my life. I will be inspired by those who take action to improve the life of those less fortunate, by those who fight for the plight of the endangered.

I will give myself a gentle mental nudge as a reminder to appreciate what I have in my here and now, and that perhaps the grass is not always greener somewhere else.

Flip the perspective (add a shimmer of sunshine) and the grass looks pretty green!

2 thoughts on “Reality Check.

  1. Some difficult thoughts here. Well Google says that the grass is always greener on the other side of the hill (fence) However if we never venture there we will never discover whether the grass is greener or not? Humans are really intolerable as when the Sun is shining then its too hot but if we have rain it is too wet and cold. Seems we are never satisfied. What we need to do is nurture what we have, i.e.. water the grass such that it turns green. In other words feed the grass so that it can flourish and in turn create fun and happiness to those that want to play upon it. In life then we should be there for one another in other words espouse the Aussie ocker spirit as in reality the Australian way of life is all about mate ship. Witness here the work of the mud army. Then one may ask why does this spirit manifest itself only when disaster strikes? Us humans are funny creatures being very fickle at times. I wonder how many of us have ventured out into the rain and taken a walk such that one is soaked to the skin? That is deliberately step out into the rain with no other thought than to get wet? Feeling the rain drops running down ones face whilst observing Mother nature do her thing. It is amazing how ones state of mind changes and it is like hitting the refresh button ones computer, that’s turn the computer off and then restart. The Englishman starts his day with the question “what’s the weather doing honey?” He gets dressed accordingly and hopefully has a good day based on his decision?

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    1. Exactly! It is so important to enjoy the here and now – if we can’t nurture our own “grass“ and enjoy our present moment, then I’m not quite sure how we can enjoy anything else. 😊


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