Pick Up The Phone, Dial That Number.

Sombre grey skies and fine misty rain silenced the birdsong this morning, until a fresh cool breeze quickly whipped away the clouds and dried off the droplets.

Bright sunshine has broken through and warms my face. A fresh cup of coffee warms my body, as thoughts of friends warm the heart.

We are never alone. Old friends and new, absent friends, beloved family members, or a special someone who cannot always be near. That person may not be there when you reach out to touch them, but the connection is real and enduring, regardless of physical distance.

When it comes to refreshing and maintaining connection, technology – which we sometimes regard as a curse – is a real blessing. Past generations had to wait patiently for the post, for that handwritten letter to arrive. Now, all we need to do is reach for the phone to feel the comfort of their voice, or even see warmth of their smile.

A simple message can let someone know you’re thinking of them, but as a special friend often reminds me, there is nothing like taking a moment, dialling a number and hearing their voice.

Too many of us – myself included – take the easy option when we are busy, by sending a text. We know what we mean, but went sent in a rush will the recipient always read the same? The written word maybe concise and to the point, but the intended kindness might not always be conveyed.

Pick up the phone, dial the number and spend the five minutes you would have composing a text, to reconnect with a friend. It will be well worth the effort!

2 thoughts on “Pick Up The Phone, Dial That Number.

  1. Anna writes: “When it comes to refreshing and maintaining connection, technology – which we sometimes regard as a curse – is a real blessing. Past generations had to wait patiently for the post, for that handwritten letter to arrive. Now, all we need to do is reach for the phone to feel the comfort of their voice, or even see warmth of their smile.”
    Anna your coffee mug collection must be growing and would suggest that you have quite a collection? So if we now consider that for each mug you made a contact with at least one other person and then your postings in musings would also indicate there are many more watching from afar then even without your phone you have made many contacts enlightening the lives of others. Perhaps many more than the solitary phone call ?
    In bygone days we would receive two mail deliveries a day! One early morning, 9am, and the other around 4pm in the afternoon. The postman was always on time and many would be waiting at their letter box for his arrival. There was a sense of expectation when receiving mail and letters were just that, letters. Most times we would go make a cuppa and retire to open the mail. Upon receiving mail from loved ones there was this feeling of love and expectation that ran though our bodies as we carefully opened our mail and sat down to absorb its content.
    We would eagerly read the message within then take a sip of whatever drink one had made and re read the message but much slower the second time round, this time taking it all in. If the family were all involved or related to the sender then the letter would be produced and sometimes read out loud and a general conversation would take place around what was mentioned in the letter. Hence receiving a letter was quite an event. Receiving personal mail prompted one to think of the sender and to pick up a pen and write back. All this without hearing their voice!
    The use of the phone does not encourage family conversation. It is a momentary thing. Words once spoken cannot be recalled, yes I know conversations can be recorded but then most aren’t and hence fail to create a group discussion a feeling of togetherness. Today we don’t dive for the phone with the same expectation as we did when receiving a letter. Sadly today the mail man delivers rate notices, electricity bills, and junk mail and now this form of communication is dying out witness now the Post Office decline in mail deliveries. Have we lost something here? I think so. We have friends living far and wide around the world but come Christmas time we receive a Christmas news letter describing all that they have achieved and done this past year. Often these letters are read over and over as the content registers in ones brain. You cannot get this inner feeling of love from a phone call or can you?
    So just to add a perspective to all the missing mail I can think of no other feeling of love and connection when as a mariner and far out at sea to be able to use the radio phone a million miles away from my home port and speak with my then special girl friend and to know she is safe and well whilst I battle the high seas in some distant part of the globe. She is still my wife now of 50 plus years on. Yes there is a connection here. Then to arrive at some distant port and eagerly wait for the shipping agent to deliver the mail from home. Letters can re read and reread conjuring up precious memories of the past and kept in a scrap book! Can you do this with a simple phone call?
    My son in-law served in East Timor and on his return from service stated that the parcels and letters from home were the best present a serving person could receive. We hugged each other on his return.

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    1. I have been thinking a lot about what you said, Rob, and yes, I do agree that there is nothing like that letter from home, or a friend, or a loved one – perhaps a sweetheart… But as you say, the postman usually delivers far less exciting letters these days. I loved that you could keep a letter, and then re-read it – sometimes even years later – and relive the feelings as though you were reading it for the first time.
      I guess my musings, were on this occasion, of how we tend to text our messages (I myself am guilty of this), when we could pick up the phone, dial that number, and speak with our voices – emotion and all – rather than the less personal and potentially mis-interpreted text messages.
      Perhaps I should have said “pick up that phone and dial that number, or pick up that pen and write that letter ☺️


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